Chris Isaak – Wicked Game

In case you didn’t know Chris Isaak before like me 🙂 , this’s his page on Wikipedia: link

if you watched or still watching FRIENDS you’ll hear it couple of times, this is a great song, you guys are totally gonna love it.

Ram & Susana – RAMelia


With a simple smile,
A gentle touch,
You gave us everything,
The warmth of your heart resounding from within…

It’s so hard to let go,
When you mean the world to me…

Yet the twinkles in your eyes keep shooting stars across the skies,
I’ll miss you, love,
And all your colors keep shining through the darkest day,
You’ll never fade away,
Never fade away…

Forever love…

The secret behind this track of being this much awesome is the sad and great story behind it:

To honour his wife Amelia who suddenly passed away , Ram joined forces with composer Geert Huinink, Dennis Schimonk and vocalist Susana. With RAMelia as result RAM’s new single has made an incredibly huge impact in the world-wide Trance Community.
The collaboration between Geert Huinink, Dennis Schimonk and RAM delivered a very emotional melody which is completely in harmony with RAM’s recognizable uplifting Trance sound.
The beautiful vocals by Susana enhance the emotional feeling of this great track even more. Every single word touches the emotional sense behind such a tragic loss.
It couldn’t describe better the person they were written for.