Fleetwood Mac – Thrown Down


Doing Nothing Is Awesome


these last two weeks were amazing 🙂 , i mean 14 days ( or more i think 🙂 ) didn’t move from my bed, and it felt GREAT, alot of free time doing absolutely nothing 🙂 .

So i watched…

1. the first four seasons from Friends that means 2134 min.s and that means about 35 hours.

2. the first two seasons from Breaking Bad that means 900 min.s and that means 15 hours.

3. about 4 movies (8 hours).

*21&over ( that movie is so bad, long story short dude turns 21 and starts drinking as fuck -_-)


*the humger games: catching fire

*the best offer

So, tell me what you’ll do if you had this free time 🙂 .